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Welcome to Across The Line, a trusted business consulting firm in ACT that provides workshop facilitation, change management and project consultation services. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional services that are customised for every client, so that businesses can get more out of their experience with us.

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Appropriate Advice for Your Business

You can count on Across The Line to provide your business with thoughtful guidance that’s geared toward further development and success. Our workshop facilitation practice is highly experienced in change management, benefits realisation management, project management and more, not only for businesses in ACT but also for organisations around the globe.

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Great Workshops

Across The Line has the ability to facilitate the process of reaching agreements through workshops, which can have a positive impact on many organisations with noticeable results.

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Planning for Change

Change management consultation helps businesses prepare for what comes next and take advantage of new opportunities.

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Project Management

Bringing in project management consultants can help your business get a better grasp on potential programs, projects and room for growth.

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Benefits Realisation

Across The Line specialises in benefits realisation management to identify possible advantages of particular business investments, and what they mean for the bottom line.

Focused on Client Satisfaction

One of the main reasons why Across The Line has been so successful over the years is that we are completely dedicated to our clients and their needs. We have a forward-thinking approach to doing business, and we strive to set our clients up for a promising future. Our customer service is second-to-none, based on open and honest communication, preparation and planning. We are happy to go above and beyond to serve our clients and make sure our consulting services live up to high standards. All of our consultants are passionate about our work, making it easy for us to accomplish great things alongside our business clients.

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